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Of Snow and Community

On February 11, 1983, just a few months after we had moved into our newly constructed home, the Mid-Atlantic was experiencing a snowstorm for the record books. I went out with the little snowblower we had brought with us from Minnesota and cleared a walking path to the end of our 240 foot long gravel driveway. My wife and son soon joined in with snow shovels, widening the path I had made. When we got to the street we just kept going, beginning to clear a path on our street wide enough for a single vehicle.

When our neighbors saw us, they joined in. There were only about six families living in our community at the time, as the rest of the homes were still under construction and mortgage rates were astronomical. (Note: Mortgage rates, 30-year fixed, peaked in October 1982 at 18.45%.)

We didn’t stop until we had cleared all the way to the main road.