Taking A Creative Risk: Commenting As A Writer

I think it’s time for me to comment on the previous post, “Enchiladas, Margaritas and Illegal Immigration,” this time as a writer.

As Greg Levin says in his comment on that post, I took a “creative risk.” The risk was that some people would not read beyond the first paragraph. This would cause one side to think I am completely in agreement with them and the other side to think I am completely bigoted. Both of these first impressions would be completely wrong, as you would see by reading all 440 words.

My main goal was to show the ambivalence of the American people towards illegal immigration by personifying it in myself. I try to give discerning readers a hint of this ambivalence in the first paragraph by contrasting the major issue of illegal immigration with the petty issues of littering and pressing “1” for English.

In the second paragraph, continuing the imagined discussion with illegal immigrants, I come to the realization that all of my feelings are not negative. Then, in the third paragraph I reveal my confused feelings with the “reprehensible, disgusting lawbreakers with adorable children” declaration and by saying I would do as they have done if in their shoes.

In the last paragraph I contrast the stereotypical symbols of Mexican culture, “enchiladas and margaritas,” with a very beautiful piece of classical music by Mexican composer Manuel Ponce.

These were my intentions and writing devices.


2 responses to “Taking A Creative Risk: Commenting As A Writer

  1. Gordon,

    I did have to read your “Enchiladas, Margaritas and Illegal Immigration” post twice as it caught me off guard. My first read I was not giving it 100% but you grabbed my attention and my second read you had 100%.

    I enjoyed the read as you lead me down a path that I wasn’t completely comfortable with. There were times I did not want to agree with you but I did.

    I liked your ability to weave this all together. Each paragraph building on the last and I hope those that stopped reading after the first paragraph come back and finish.

    Thank you for putting into words a very tough subject for us all.

  2. Madison Woods

    It’s been a while since I’ve visted you here. Your commentary on your previous post sent me to the original post, which I read and agreed with 100%.

    That said, had I only read the first paragraph, as you mentioned, I would likely have not made it to the last. So I’m glad you made the commentary!

    I need to do some reading here and catch up on all I’ve missed.

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