Enchiladas, Margaritas and Illegal Immigration

Let me get this out right off the bat. You were not invited to come here and you did not wait your turn. You jumped ahead of tens of thousands of people in other countries who are doing their paperwork and waiting years to enter the U.S. legally. You littered on the way up, for God’s sake! Do you think this is fair? And it really pisses me off that now I have to “press 1 for English,” thank you very much.

Yes, I did see the movie, “Day Without a Mexican” and I do realize what could happen if you all left at once. Yes, I know there are many jobs waiting for you when you get here and many businesses that want your labor, especially at a low price. Yes, I know that you serve honorably in our military in very high numbers. Yes, I do know that your children want badly to speak English and blend in with all the other teenagers, just the same as all previous generations of immigrants. Yes, I can see that you have a work ethic. In fact, by toiling in the lowest paid jobs and holding your heads up, you are bringing back the dignity of all honest labor. We were losing that before you crossed the river.

Actually, I love to see your teenagers who have been here a while and are so completely American, but who can speak Spanish when they want to. It makes me glad I’m an American. And I love to see you out with your families. Your kids are adorable, by the way. And when I was in that long line of people waiting for the H1N1 flu shot, I didn’t want anybody to ask you for your papers. (See “In Line for the H1N1 Flu Shot“)

So, let me sum up. I think you are reprehensible, disgusting lawbreakers with adorable children. But if I were you, I would do exactly what you have done, especially if I thought it would be best for my family. If you are here because we collectively lacked the will to keep you out and because we all have lawns that need tending and houses to be built, we are complicit. If I could wave a magic wand and send every one of you back to where you came from, I would not do it. Nor do I believe most Americans would do it, though most of us would like to get back in control of our immigration situation.

By the way, did I mention I love enchiladas and margaritas? And that song, “Estrellita” by your composer Manuel Ponce…well, who knew!


8 responses to “Enchiladas, Margaritas and Illegal Immigration

  1. Very bold writing, indeed! I like that you take such a creative risk, and that you succeed in revealing such a liberal human heart hidden behind a seemingly grouchy libertarian persona.


  2. Great perspective! Makes me appreciate every patient citizen, and pity the ignorant & careless migrants.

  3. When I started reading and had completed the first 25 or so words I thought WTF!, where is he coming from. But by the time I finished I felt it was a good article, good points…… as usual. DM

  4. I enjoyed your raw honesty. I have to admit, I was a bit confused at first by your choice of words and topic, however, that in itself kept my interest. I felt compelled to continue reading to see what else you had to say. Of course, in the back of my mind, I know from past experiences that you LOVE enchiladas and margaritas!

  5. Bold and sensitive. Everyone can relate with the intent. very today and we all are on either side of the fence.
    Its the story of a long staying guest.
    Good or bad..but its real!accept or reject but cannot be ignored.

    very well written.

  6. A slice of perception of what I believe many citizens share today. An insightful and strong write.

  7. July 1, 1010. Heard President Obama’s speech on illegal immigration while in the car today. I think he hit it on the head in all aspects, except that he is too harsh towards states and municipalities whose actions are goading the Federal Government into performing its duty.

  8. Absolutely bold writing. And a terrific perspective. I very much agree with you on this, Gordon, and you’ve stated it beautifully.

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